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The Station

The Station




This is the absolute most complete sharpening system available!  The Steamboat Super Sharpener Station offers so many different options to manually sharpen virtually any edge or surface! 

This set is composed of:

  • a 1-inch thick 12x12-inch copolycarbonate food-grade board
  • two USA-made 8x3-inch DuraSharp double-sided diamond whetstones (Dia-Sharp Extra Coarse 220 Mesh with a Coarse 325 Mesh on the reverse AND Dia-Sharp Fine 600 Mesh with an Extra Fine 1200 Mesh on the reverse) 
  • The Ultimate rod set-up (two 1/2-inch ceramic rods AND two 3/8-inch premium aluminum oxide rods) , which is a real Steamboat Super Sharpener favorite


  • The Strop, which will put an excellent finished edge on any blade!

The SSS Station will be perfect for sharpening knives, broadheads, tooling, or anything else you can imagine!  For your convenience when using the stones, the Sharpener Station has built-in fluid channels.  While we recommend a glass cleaner  (such as Windex), you may use the fluid of your choice to keep the stones clean while sharpening.  As you work, the fluid will drip down into the channels and can easily be cleaned up after you're finished sharpening.  There are finger grooves cut to make it easy to handle the whetstones.  Four rubber feet allow the system to stay securely in place as you work.  The Steamboat Super Sharpener Station is ergonomically-friendly, compact (but not crowded), and has literally EVERYTHING you need to successfully sharpen all your tools!


We are offering a special introductory price of $299.99 while this product is brand-new on the market! 


Please note that other 8x3-inch DuraSharp whetstones may be available for purchase, if you should desire to add them to your SSS Station.  Call 800-321-3458 for pricing and availability.