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Frequently Asked Questions

What tools can I sharpen with a Steamboat Super Sharpener?
Steamboat Super Sharpeners have so many uses!  Our customers have had great success sharpening pocket knives, kitchen knives, butcher knives, broadheads, scissors, and even potato peelers!
My Steamboat Super Sharpener has a picture of a steamboat on it, but these don' it the same company?
Yes! We (JGRG, LLC.) purchased the Steamboat Super Sharpener product line in June 2021 and upgraded the logo shortly afterwards. Rest assured, though, while the logo has changed, the design of  he products are still exactly the same - so they are fully compatible!  Special Note:  Some of the earlier models even had a Scripture verse (2 Thessalonians 3:10) stamped on them.  For more information on our company, use the "About us" tab above.
There are several different models of sharpeners...What is the difference in them? 
This is a common question, so here's the most concise answer: 
  • The Original only has two standard 1/2" rods.
  • The Quad has two 1/2" diameter rods and two standard 3/8" rods.
  • The Ultimate has two 1/2" diameter rods and two premium 3/8" rods.
  • The Heirloom is an Ultimate that has our SSS logo engraved on it, rather than stamped on beautiful walnut wood that has been treated with Linseed oil to highlight the natural beauty of the wood. 
  • The Legacy is also an Ultimate, but you will have the ability to choose a custom engraving (such as your name, personal message, and/or graphics engraved on it.  Our SSS logo will be engraved on the underside as well).  The Legacy models are also treated with Linseed oil, which truly highlights the natural beauty of the wood.   
Where can I buy a Steamboat Super Sharpener?
This is a great question...there are several different ways that you can purchase Steamboat Super Sharpeners, so it's really up to your personal preference!
  • Using our website, you can view and/or purchase all of the products we offer.   
  • Calling us at 800-321-3458, would be the best way to order if you have a special order, if you have any questions, or if you just prefer the personal-feel of a phone call.
  • There are a number of hardware stores and sporting goods stores that stock Steamboat Super Sharpeners.  They can be found mostly in the South or Midwestern states.  It is important to note, however: most of them only sell The Original and/or The Quad models, with a few who sell The Ultimate.  Due to the custom, one-of-a-kind nature of our two newest products - The Heirloom or The Legacy - they can only be purchased directly from us.  In addition, Replacement Rods and Bases are only available directly from us. really depends on what you'd like to purchase! 
  • We do have Facebook and Instagram accounts, but there isn't a way to directly order there.  However, if you reach out by private message, we can process an order that way as well.
I own/manage a retail store and would like to sell your products.  Is that possible? 
Yes, we'd love to hear from you!  The process is simple, so please call us at 800-321-3458 to discuss the details. 
How long will it take for my order to be processed?
We will begin getting your order ready as soon as you have made payment.  Most of our orders ship out within 24 hours! We will email you a tracking number and estimated delivery date once we have been to the Post Office.
       Due to the fact that we outsource our engraving orders, we cannot 
       give an exact time frame until after we communicate with our
       engraver, Magnum Lasers.  However, it has been our experience that
       they will get the order completed within a few days.  Once we have
       placed the order with Magnum Lasers, we will be able to give you a
      more precise idea of when your product will be ready for shipment.  

What is your shipping policy? 
We use USPS for all of our shipments unless you specifically ask us to use another carrier.  If you do have special shipping requests, it would be best for you to call us at 800-321-3458 with your order instead. 

What is your return policy? 
We're confident that once you have used our products, you won't want to make a return!  However, IF you are unhappy with one of our products, we ask that you call us at 800-321-3458 so that we can reach a resolution.

What should I do if my product is damaged when it arrives? 
In the rare event that your product is damaged in transit, please contact us at 800-321-3458 to make us aware of the issue.

Do you sell replacement parts?
Yes! While our bases and rods will not break or wear out from normal use, we do understand that accidents happen.  If the ceramic rods are dropped, they may chip or break.  The wooden base is not going to "break" but if it gets wet, it could swell, which could prevent the rods from fitting in properly.  So, IF you happen to need a new base or rods, there are replacement parts available at the bottom of the "Our Products" page. 
If I need to replace my rods, which ones do I need to order?
  • If your Steamboat only has two holes, you'll need two of the 1/2" Rods.
  • If your Steamboat has four holes, it's up to you! 
    • If you would like to make your sharpener into The Quad, then you will need the standard 3/8" rods. 
    • If you would like to make your sharpener into The Ultimate, then you will need to purchase the premium 3/8" rods. 
How do I Maintain my steamboat Super Sharpener?
We recommend that you clean the rods by creating a "paste" by mixing water with some powdered household cleaner (examples: Ajax or Bar Keepers Friend or Comet).  Using a small scrub brush, the rods should clean up nicely. We would encourage you to wipe the wooden base with a lightly dampened cloth, when necessary. To prevent the wood from swelling, you'll want to avoid getting the wood very wet.
Do you have instructions for using these sharpeners?
Yes, each sharpener should have come with an instruction sheet when it was first purchased.  However, we understand that papers can get lost, and information can be forgotten, so here's a link to our instruction sheet.  It can be viewed or printed from here:
Why are they called Steamboat Super Sharpeners?
This is a common question!  We're not really selling steamboats, right?  Here's the short answer:  Wayne Richardson (the original owner of the company Steamboat Sales and the creator of Steamboat Super Sharpeners), was nicknamed "Steamer" as a grade-school child and eventually became known as "Steamboat."  So, the products are named after him!  For more information about Wayne Richardson or the origin of the company, please click on the tab above called "About Us."
I love my  Steamboat Super Sharpener!  Can I send a picture of my sharpener for your website?
Yes, absolutely!  We would love to have more photos of Steamboats on our site!  Ideally, we'll receive enough photos to start a page called "Gallery" of photos that have been submitted by our fans!  If you would like for us to post your picture online, please send it our way with your permission to use it.  
My knife's blade is pretty banged the Steamboat Super Sharpener going to be able to fix it up?
We have seen our sharpeners put a laser-sharp edge on many knives!  However, we recommend that if you don't have a good edge on your knife, then you'd be better off beginning with a stone to get your blade back in order before using our sharpeners.  These sharpeners excel at producing and maintaining that super sharp edge once it's straightened out a bit!
Do you sell any products made by other vendors?
Yes, we have partnered up with a personal friend, Brian Hallstead of BIGRIVER BLADES, to sell his exquisite, custom, hand-crafted knives. His knives are also Made in the USA.  They are listed at the bottom of the "Our Products" page.  We are honored to be able to have these one-of-a-kind knives available for your purchase. If you happen to purchase one of these knives & one of our sharpeners, you are sure to have a knife that's both beautiful & laser sharp for the rest of your life!
Would you consider selling any other products made by other vendors?
Yes, we would consider carrying other products that pair well with our sharpeners.  We fully intend to only offer high-quality products, though, so we'll be careful to only partner with those who strive for excellence like we do!
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