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Customer Reviews

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Here's what a few of them say..
I enthusiastically recommend the Steamboat Super Sharpener to anyone who is looking for an easy, efficient, and very effective knife sharpening tool.  It looks great in the walnut finish and takes mere moments to put an edge on my blades that will shave hair off my arm, slice through paper like butter, and cut vegetables like a $4oo.00 chef knife!  The carry pouch is well made and holds the base and rods securely.  I use my knife frequently and I am always able to keep a sharp edge on it.  Also, the sharpener works on all my knives at home - regardless of knife type and I couldn't be happier with it!  Please don't waste your dollars on some gimmick - get the Steamboat Super Sharpener - you won't be disappointed." 
                                                                                  - Richard H., Georgia

Photo Credit: T. Holman - Thank you!
I love Steamboat Super Sharpeners.  As a past restaurant owner, I can tell you I have tried all kinds of sharpeners available with limited mixed results. Many of them abuse the knife. Not so with Steamboat Super Sharpeners. It takes less time to sharpen my knives than with any other tool, with no abuse to the knife, and a clean sharp edge that stays.  People who are unaccustomed to using a knife sharpener will have the same results as an experienced person because of the design of the sharpener.  It works wonderfully on kitchen scissors and pocket knives.  I highly recommend this product, and frankly, since it is made so well I never need to purchase another one.  And the family that runs this company was the easiest, most friendly, and professional I have ever used.  You will not be disappointed when you buy one.
                                                           -Colleen P., Kitimat, BC

Photo Credit: J. Mettert - Thank you!

I received two of your Steamboat Super Sharpeners, one for me and one for my son. What a great product.  These types of Ceramic sharpeners were very hard to find to begin with.  It seems like everyone is moving away from simple, proven, and well made products to plastic offshore sourced products.  It is great to a see a family owned business that produce American made products that are so well made and so functional and simple to use. I am a small scale knife collector and have used many different types sharpening tools and methods. These are my go to sharpeners.  Easy to use, long lasting and easy to maintain.  They put an amazing edge on most any blade. What a great company to work with.  Fast response and shipping.  I would highly recommend!

                                                                                                                   - Thad K., Florida

cody greenwood.jpg
Photo Credit:  C. Greenwood -
Thank You!

Our family has used Steamboat Super Sharpeners for many years. SSS is a quality product that will put a razor sharp edge on all of your knives. I was happy to learn that JGRG purchased the company last year, with plans to not only continue selling the sharpeners, but to expand the business, as well. I recently ordered several Ultimate sharpeners using Facebook messaging. I received a response within an hour, and was able to call JGRG and pay for my order. My order arrived in Michigan a few days later. The sharpeners were well wrapped in bubble wrap, so nothing had broken during shipping. I am happy to say that everyone who received a sharpener from me is very happy with the ease of using the sharpeners and with the sharp edges their knives now have. I will definitely order again!

                                                                                                           - Lesslie K., Michigan

Photo Credit: D. Druia - Thank You!

If you like your knives to be sharp all the time, then you need to try a Steamboat Super Sharpener. I have owned a Quad for 23 years, and it still works like it did when it was new. I love it so much that I bought an Ultimate. My Quad would put a razor sharp edge on my knife, but the Ultimate put a sharper edge on it. My favorite knife is a Dexter Boning knife with a high carbon steel blade. It is super easy to sharpen, and it holds a sharp edge longer than stainless steel blades. The Steamboat Super Sharpener makes quick and easy work of sharpening my knives. I used my Quad several times a week, and it has never worn out. Since buying the Ultimate, my Quad is now my backup. A dull knife is one of the most frustrating things for me when cutting any kind of meat. I worked as a meat cutter years ago and have used every type of sharpener I could get my hands on. The Steamboat Super Sharpener Ultimate is the best I've ever used. I also purchased 3 more as Christmas gifts for my dad and my two oldest married kids. They all love the Ultimate sharpener! I am a loyal customer and did not receive anything from Steamboat Super Sharpeners for this review. This is my honest experience!

                                                                                                                                    - James W., Alabama

Photo Credit: B. Miller - Thank you!

I received my sharpener and love it.  It is super easy to use, I believe my 12 year old daughter could use it.  I bought several as Christmas presents a couple of years ago and my brother said he would not take anything for his.  If you have an edge on your blade, just from time to time use the Steamboat to tune it back up and it will literally shave you with it.  Couldn’t be happier.  Thanks for such a great product.  And one that basically anyone can use.      

                                                                                                           - Chad C., Missouri

Photo Credit: B. Boyd - Thank you!

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