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Steamboat Super Sharpeners

Steamboat Super Sharpeners are superior sharpening systems that can sharpen nearly all knives, broadheads, or scissors.


Steamboat Super Sharpeners have always been produced in the

United States (using only materials made in the United States)

for 50 years and counting!


And while a few things have changed over the years,

the most important things have not: 

we produce high-quality sharpeners and sell them for a reasonable price.



  Our family has owned one Quad Steamboat Super Sharpener for about 40 years and we have always been impressed with its performance. It still works just as well as it ever has, and has produced many, many super-sharp blades over the years!

  In early 2021, while calling to purchase another sharpening unit, we learned that the Steamboat Super Sharpener business was for sale. We realized the need for these sharpeners to remain in production, as they are superior to the competition, wholly made in the United States, and affordably-priced. After some consideration, we began JGRG, LLC. in June 2021 for the specific purpose of producing and marketing Steamboat Super Sharpeners. 

      We're a family-owned and -operated business, located in Waterloo, Indiana. We strive to build exceptional knife sharpeners, made in the United States, only using materials produced in the United States, and to provide outstanding customer service.

Photo Credit: J. Sayer - Thank You!
Photo Credit:  A. Vinson - Thank You!



    Wayne Richardson (nicknamed "Steamboat") and his son, Ben Richardson, created a family-owned and -operated business named Steamboat Sales back in 1974 in Westport, Indiana.  They worked hard to create this brand, which has proven to be a leader in sharpening systems for decades! 

    Slowly but steadily, the products have improved over the years as The Richardsons found higher quality materials to use for the bases and the ceramics. They've always believed in America's greatness and insisted on only using materials made in the United States for their products. 

  When Ben Richardson was ready to retire, he began searching for someone to purchase the business and carry on their mission.  He was pleased to see us purchase the Steamboat Super Sharpeners product line so the legacy could continue on, and he has been very helpful in the transfer of ownership.

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